Sun 08 Sep 2019 14:28

Our History

The introduction of Rugby Football at Seghill was a magnificent accident. Some of the younger men and the boys may well have marvelled at the antics of the Gloucester Regiment which was quartered near Seghill during some of the First World War. It may have bred a subconscious desire to 'have a go'. Boredom during the 1921 coal stoppage, and revulsion from Association football, which was being played from early morn to dewy eve, were, however, the main factors. One pair of Rugby posts, a few balls, and strenuous games on the asphalt-like pitch (which the good summer of that year provided) are among our memories of those early days.

Then we have just fifteen fellows who think they would like to have a game against someone outside. The Northumberland Rugby Union accepts us as Junior Members. A few fixtures are made; the die is cast. We wonder how long the interest will last!

So on a day in September we see fourteen slightly bewildered Seghill boys on the Grammar School Ground at Jesmond engaging Old Novocastrians Third XV, who were kind enough to give us a fixture. Fortunately for Seghill the fifteenth member was a veteran - Jack Morris - one of the finest forwards one could have wished for. Seghill won! A drop goal by Mitchell and a splendid penalty by Emmerson against two tries by the home team. As the teams left the ground 'Billy' Emmerson sidled over to me and whispered, 'Who's won?'

This winning XV were: H Stanley, T Mitchell, W Atkinson, J Evans, E Scott, W Foggett, A Polwarth, G Aldis, Joe Archbold, J Morris, W Emmerson, L Poynton, G Tully, G Martin and P Wilkinson.